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PickCup Promo - 20 pieces with same Logo


20pcs  PickCup Promo Cups including assembly materials.

The PickCup Promo was designed to protect your hole edges with the new rules in effect and at the same time promote your club, your sponsors or to attract potential commercial partners. Save time whilst making money with less pin replacements.

The PickCup Promo features a weatherproof polyurethane cup which can be customized in any full color design. Golf clubs use PickCup Promo for:

  • Promote Club Logo
  • Promote tuition services
  • For corporate golf days
  • For business members
  • Same features as normal PickCup

Technical Specifications:

  • The #1 Solution leaving the flag stick in
  • Easy to Install and replace
  • Less pin replacements by ground staff
  • No need to bend over to retrieve the ball
  • Soft edge cup to protect the hole
  • Contributes to the speed of play
  • Fits any size and brand flagstick

NOTE: When placing an order for this product, the instructions for submitting your logo are in the confirmation email. Of course we can also contact you to discuss the options for the PickCup Promo logo design. 

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