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Pitchfix Divot Tools 32 pcs Display Deal


Want the same RepairTec technology used in The Greenkeeper Pro professional Divot Repair tool to be used by the players on your course?

Limited time offer:

Treat your Pro Shop with a 32 pcs display with the Golf Digest Award winning Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 and the Hybrid 2.0.

The beautiful wooden display is on us!

The display has:

  • 24 pcs Fusion 2.5
  • 8 pcs Hybrid 2.0 (traditional fork)
  • All with removable logo ball marker*
  • Tray for extra ball markers
  • Colors as showed

Normal Wholesale Price USD 298.68*

NOW USD 260.00!* including free display (retail value USD 556.80)

*setup cost included

*standard with Pitchfix logo marker, instructions for sending your own logo are in the order confirmation email you receive after checkout.


Pitchfix Fusion 2.5

  • Soft touch handles
  • Switchblade function, 14 colors
  • Colored aluminum trims
  • RepairTec prongs
  • Integrated pencil sharpener
  • Removable logo ball marker

Pitchfix Hybrid 2.0

  • Switchblade function, 17 colors
  • Soft Touch handles
  • Lightweight, aluminum sheets
  • Removable logo ball marker
  • Integrated pencil sharpener

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