Our award winning metalwork repair tool,
featuring RepairTec™ shaped prongs,
exclusive to Pitchfix tools.

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As soon as you hold the Tour Edition 2.5 your can feel the presence of greatness. Unlike any other repair tool, the weight and style is instantly rewarding, you can feel the difference in your hand!

The sculpted shape comes from a single mould, commands strength, and the colored ABS grips provide added comfort and the option to create a unique tool for your brand.

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A classic single blade design, the Tour Edition 2.5 is built to perform, with smooth lines, comfortable ABS mouldings, intelligent RepairTec™ metal prongs, flexible color options and an iconic branded magnetic ballmarker.

All this in one formidable tool.
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Tour Edition 2.5 Divot Tool

Colour: - White
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  • Available in 6 base colours
  • ABS handles with rubberised soft touch grip
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated Club rest


    All of our tools are available in a choice of vibrant colors, and featuring a magnetic ballmarker which can be branded with your logo or icon.

    Every tool can be supplied individually packaged or with other tools as part of a gift pack - ideal for membership gifts, marketing incentives or VIP event gifts.

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    The first non-switchblade metalwork product by Pitchfix incorporating our award winning RepairTec™ pin technology! The great combination of treated steel and ABS rubberised grips provides another great looking, ergonomic, Pitchfix product. The unique design allows up to 36 different color combinations, ensuring the best possible match with your custom logo.
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