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When you consider all the golf divot tools available in shops, how do you know what is the best divot tool for the job? Divot tools are something that every gofer should have in their pocket or on a key ring as they play the course. They are used to repair the damage to the grass, caused when golfers brush it with their clubs or when golf balls land on the putting greens. To keep the grass in good condition, these divots need to be repaired, otherwise it can lead to more damage and repair work. If golfers have a divot tool with them, they can repair the marks they see and help to keep the course looking good and the grass healthy.

To keep the putting greens looking tidy, and also be good to play on, golf courses need expert divot repair. One tool that does just that is the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool. It make fixing those brown spots and dents in the grass quick and simple, and the long handle means there is no bending down required. This tool is ideal for professional greenkeepers and course marshals, and can also be installed at the green edge for players to use. The ergonomic handle makes this tool comfortable to use, and it is also lightweight. For professional results, choose the Greenkeeper Pro.

Divot tools have two prongs. These are used to lift the grass back to where it should be, and the technique is to work from the outside edges. This allows the mark to be fixed, without affecting the grass roots. However, the right technique can be tricky, and this means that the divots might need more repair work.

A solution to this problem is the Twister tool, a divot tool that has three pins. Because they are set in a circular shape, divots can be repaired without the need for any technique. The pins are inserted into the mark a few times, and the grass is lifted without affecting the roots.

Divot tools are small enough to carry in a pocket or on a key ring. It can also be personalised with a message, logo or brand, so they are a good gift idea for business days or for anyone who enjoys the sport. What makes the Twister the best divot tool is its design, and it is something that any golfer would be happy to have in their kit.

Giving a promotional gift to prospective clients is a great way to attract more business, or you can use them to show your existing clients appreciation for their custom. Whenever you give out a golf accessory with your logo, you are helping to spread the message of what your business can do. It is an effective marketing method that works! Or golf accessories include ball markers and divot tools, and each can be customized with your business colors and logo. Our accessories are top quality, sought-after golf items that will impress any sports fan. Call now to discuss your branding options.

Golf accessories by Pitchfix are great promotional gifts, but now you can make them even better by having the gift packaging branded with a logo too. Our golf tools are known for their durability and superior quality, and our packaging also has a luxury feel. You can have your logo and colors displayed on the gift packaging of your promotional gifts, bringing a consistent brand feel and added class. For great gifts to give at promotional events, or to show your appreciation to your clients, Pitchfix branded golf accessories are a good choice. Call today to discuss your gift packaging options.

Have you ever noticed that mud or grass that gets stuck to your golf club can affect your shot? We’ve made it easy to clean it away with Aquabrush, the perfect golf accessory to have on the golf course. Just fill the brush with water and press for a fine spray. Then use the brush to free your golf club from soil. The brush heads can also be replaced if you eventually wear through them, without the need to buy whole new item. This handheld golf gadget is easy to pop in your golf bag, and it also makes a great gift idea. Get your Aquabrush today!

Pickcup allows easy retrieval of golf balls once they have been putted and holed, helping to protect the edged of the hole and keep the putting green looking neat and tidy. PickCup fixes to the bottom of the flagstick to create a cup platform in which the ball sits. To get the ball out, the flag is simply lifted. The rubber lip protects the edge of the hole, and also protects the green if the flag is laid down. As the Rules of Golf now include being able to leave the flag in place when putting, PickCup can be used during competitions. To keep putting greens well maintained and looking good, use PickCup!

Are you looking for a way to reach out to your club members? PickCup Promo brings you an innovative way of advertising to golf players. It is a handy gadget that attaches to the base of the flagstick, collecting the ball on a platform for easy retrieval. This platform area can be customized to show information to promote your club, pro services, or you could offer sponsorship opportunities to local businesses. Every player on the course will see the PickCup Promo, so it is an effective way to spread your message. As well as being a good promotional idea, PickCup also protects the hole edges from damage. Find out more about PickCup Promo now!

Hybrid 2.0

Do you enjoy using the latest design in divot tools? Then you won’t want to miss the Hybrid 2.0! The switchblade function means it is ready to use quickly, but even better than that it has a host of other uses. Not only it is made from lightweight aluminium, but it also has a removeable ball marker and integrated pencil sharpener. What more could you want from a divot tool? There’s is also the option to have the ball marker customized, making it ideal for businesses looking for golf promotional gifts to give to clients or customers. Get you Hybrid 2.0 divot tool today!

Fusion 2.5

If you're on the lookout for a unique golf gift, or if you're a fan of the most cutting-edge golf devices on the market, then the Fusion 2.5 divot tool is for you! It not only evens out the dents in the putting green before your shot, but it also maintains the soil and grass roots, thanks to the unique RepairTecTM engineering. With 14 colour possibilities, you'll be able to discover the perfect present for any golfer. The removable ball marker can be customized with a logo, so it makes a cool promotional gift too. Now is the time to get your Fusion 2.5 divot tool!

Multimarker chip

For the golfer who has everything, the Multimarker Chip is sure to delight! This poker-style chip may be used as a ball marker on one side, and a putting alignment tool on the other. If you going to play golf with your buddies, the numbers on the Multimarker Chip numbers can be used as a tee toss! The Multimarker Chip is a great promotional item for businesses because it can be customized with a brand logo on the cap, getting your business noticed by your target audience. There are 10 colour options to choose from, so whether you want this gadget for yourself, or a friend, you’re sure to find the perfect style. Get yours now!