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If you are looking for the best golf gifts, it can be hard to decide what to buy. Stores are filled with novelty items or golf themed gifts, but the best golf gifts are ones that golfers will actually be able to use on the course. One such golf item is a divot tool, and every golfer should have one. They are used to repair the dents in the grass on the putting greens, so a golf ball will follow a true path to where it is aimed. If a ball rolls over a dent, it can make putting very frustrating for golfers!

Or are there is one thing that makes repeated divot repair a strain, it is the pressure it puts on the back muscles. Professional greenkeepers and course marshals may have to make many repairs in a day, and often suffer with aches and pains afterwards. That is where the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool makes all the difference. It has a long handle, allowing divot repair to be done while standing upright. Sometimes different soil conditions make divot repair tricky, but the Greenkeeper Pro comes with durable, interchangeable heads for the best repairs every time. You can even have Greenkeeper Pro tools at the green edge for players to use too!

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Pitchfix range of divot tools have taken green repair to the next level. Traditional styles of divot tool have two prongs, and these have to be used carefully so as not to damage the grass roots. The problem is that not all golfers know how to use the right technique, and this can cause more damage.

The three pin design of divot tool has changed how divots are repaired, and anyone can repair one like a professional. That is why Pitchfix tools are some of the best golf gifts around. All that is needed to repair a divot is to poke the pins in and out of a dent a few times, and this lifts the grass without affecting the grass roots. There no technique, no damage caused by shoddy repairs, just super results every time! Another reason why Pitchfix have the best golf gifts, is that divot tools can be personalized with a message, and come in a range of color options. It can even have a brand or logo displayed. Pitchfix divot tools are made from the best quality materials and are something that any golfer would be happy to own. See the range today!

Golf gadgets are great promotional items, and we offer golf gadgets branding on our range of divot tools and ball markers. Promotional gifts should reflect the quality of your business. If you give something that disappoints, it won’t give a good impression. Our golf gadgets are known for their quality, and they are some of the most sought after on the market. Now your business can share in this reputation. You can have your business colors or logo displayed, and each gift comes neatly presented and ready to hand out. Give out at networking days, or to existing clients. Call now to discuss your branding options.

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Are you looking for the perfect promotional gift? Then you have come to the right place! Personalized golf gifts branding is a way to attract new clients and customers to your business. Our golf tools are well known for their durability and quality materials, and are some of the most sought after around. Now you can grow a positive brand image by having the personalised with your logo or colours. We also supply individual gift boxes, so your gifts are ready to hand out to people at networking days, industry shows, or just to say thanks to your existing customers.

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If you like the latest golf gadgets, you will love Aquabrush! This useful club brush not only keeps your golf club heads clean while on the course, but it is also super light and easy to use. Fill up the inner reservoir with water, and you have a spray and integrated brush to remove dirt and grime whenever you need it. Clearing dirt from golf clubs helps to make your shots as accurate as possible, and that is something that every player wants! Aquabrush also makes a great gift idea, and there are four vibrant colors to choose from.

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It can be frustrating for greenkeepers to have to make unnecessary repair work to the flagstick hole, caused by players clumsily reaching for their ball. PickCup is the solution! It fixes to the base of the flagstick and provides a cup-shaped platform to catch a ball once holed. To remove the ball, a player lifts the flagstick. PickCup has a rubberized outer rim that help protect the sides of the hole, keeping them neat. It also help prevent damage to the grass if the flagstick is laid down! PickCup meets the Rules of Golf, so can be used during competitions.

Keep your greens in good playing condition with PickCup!

PickCup Promo

PickCup is a useful tool to helps keep the holes on putting greens in good condition, but more than that, it provides a way to display promotional messages to players! PickCup Promo means that advertisements, information messages and more can be seen by any player that holes their ball. PickCup sits inside the hole and is fixed to the base of the flagstick. Once a player putts their ball, it is collected on the platform of the PickCup. To retrieve their ball, a player lifts the flagstick, bringing PickCup out too. This means that any promotional message will be seen, opening up lots of opportunities for a golf club to reach its members.

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