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Cheap golf gifts can be hard to find, and often a lower price mean you have to compromise on quality. But, not always. Pitchfix have a range of golf tools that are top quality and price friendly.

Divot repair is an everyday part of golf course maintenance, but repeated bending and kneeling to reach the grass can be a pain in the back for professional greenkeepers. That is why we designed the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool. The long length handle allows divot repairs to be made while standing, and with just as good results as with our other divot tools. The Greenkeeper Pro has interchangeable heads, so no matter what the soil type, effective repairs can be made. Greenkeeper Pro also look great installed that the green edges, and players will also thank you for it! Why not see how a Greenkeeper Pro can work for you?

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For business owners, thinking of new ways to promote products and services is a challenge. This is where we can help! We offer golf gadgets branding, where you can have your business or charity logo displayed on or golf divot tools or ball markers. Golf gadgets are great promotional gifts as they are sought after items that anyone would be pleased to receive. When they have your brand on them, your business gets noticed! Each gift comes neatly presented and individually packaged, giving you a hassle-free promotional gift that’s ready to hand out. Call our team today to talk more about your branding options.

Golf tool such as ball markers and divot tools are useful items that all golfers should have with them on the golf course. Divot tools are used to repair the dents in the grass on the putting green, caused when golfers contact the turf with their clubs or when golf balls bounce heavily and leave a dent. This damage needs to be repaired, as it can make putting frustrating. The surface of a green should be smooth to allow a ball to roll along. If it have divots, then a ball will not go where it is aimed. Golfers will look at the surface of the green and repair any divot they see that might hinder their ball.

Other cheap golf gifts are ball markers, and these are place behind a golf ball to mark its position. The ball can then be moved and put back in the same place. This is so a ball will not be in the way or affect another player’s putt.
Pitchfix divot tools are cheap golf gifts that any golfer would enjoy receiving. They come in a choice of color options, and they can have a brand or team logo displayed. This makes them great to give as personal gifts, or as business gifts to clients who will be reminded of your business every time they use it. Golf is a sport that helps people to relax and unwind, so seeing you logo will bring positive associations with your business.

If you are trying to find cheap golf gifts that are made from durable materials, and something that any golfer would enjoy, then see the options at Pitchfix!

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Finding new ways to promote a business is always on the to-do list. Promotional gifts are a great idea, but finding the right gift needs careful planning. It should be something that shows quality, as it represents your business, but it can’t be expensive as you are likely to buy in bulk. Personalized golf gifts branding is where you can have your business logo displayed on our range of golf divot tools and other accessories. A branded golf tool is a great promotional gift that will help spread the word about your business. For well-presented, quality promotional gifts, try personalized golf gifts branding!

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