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Divot tools are used to repair the damage caused to the grass on the golf course, usually caused when golfers brush the grass with their clubs, or when golf balls land on the putting greens. These marks need to be repaired to keep the grass in good condition, and it helps if golfers repair the marks they see. Traditional divot tools have two prongs to repair a mark, but a cool divot tool is the Twister tool.

The Twister has three pins, and it is changing how effectively divots are repaired on the golf course. Traditional two prong divot tools work only if a technique is used. The technique is to insert the prongs around the outside edges of a mark and carefully stretch the grass back together to close a gap. This technique ensures no damage is caused to the grass roots. However, it can cause the need for more repairs if the technique is not used. The Twister is a cool divot tool because the three pins allow anyone to repair a divot with no technique. To repair a mark, the pins are poked in and out of the mark a few times, and this works to level a mark without causing damage to the roots.

The Twister pins retract into the casing for safety when not in use, and there are lots of modern colour options. It can be personalised with a message, or a brand or logo, so is a good gift idea. It is also a good idea to give out as a business gift to attract new clients, and a promotional tool to spread awareness of products and services on offer. A Twister tool is a cool divot tool that any golfer would be happy to use to help keep the grass on the course in a healthy condition.