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What makes giving custom golf gifts a good thing to do, is that it makes a personal present that anyone who enjoys the sport would be happy to receive. There are lots of choices of custom golf gifts available in stores and online, and they are usually things such as logoed clothing or golf themed stationary sets and novelty gifts. While these things are sometimes useful, more often than not they get put in the back of a drawer. But there are custom golf gifts that are sure to be appreciated and used, and they are golf divot tools. These are useful golfing gadgets that are used to repair that damage to the grass on the course, and all golfers are encouraged to carry one. Damage is often made to the turf by golfers scraping it with their clubs, or when golf balls land on the green.

The divot tool has prongs that are used to lift the turf and push the edges back towards the center from the outside. This technique helps to repair the mark, without causing any damage to the grass roots. If all golfers have a divot tool with them, they can repair the damage they notice as they walk the course, helping to keep it in good condition. Golf divot tools are easy to carry in a pocket or on a key ring, and there is room on the casing for a personalized design. It could be a message, funny joke or smiley, or it could be a brand or logo of a business or sports team. Divot tools are custom golf gifts with a difference, and they are also inexpensive. Any golf player would be happy to receive a divot tool as a gift, as it a useful piece of golfing equipment that can be used as they play the sport, unlike that golf themed pen holder.