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If you go for divot repair tool bulk buy, you save money as the price per tool is lower than it would usually be. This is a benefit for businesses that perhaps need a promotional gift to send to clients, or to give out at networking events, or a club that wants to have branded divot tools for members.

Divot tools are used to repair the damaged areas of grass on the putting greens, often caused when golfers brush it with their clubs, or when golf balls land heavily and leave a dent in it. This affects the surface, and how well a golf ball rolls. If a ball rolls over a divot, it will not follow a true line, so golfers check he grass before putting and repair any divots that might hinder their ball.

Traditional divot tools have two prongs, and they are inserted into the turf at the edge of a divot. The grass is then carefully levered back to level, using a technique so not to damage the roots. The problem is though that not all golfers know how to do it, and messy green repairs can cause more damage.

The new divot tools by Pitchfix have solved this problem, and it has changed the way divots are repaired. These divot tools have three pins, and to fix a mark they are inserted in and out a few times and that is all! The grass is lifted without affecting the roots, leaving a smooth surface.

If you want to give a quality gift, and need quanities, then divot repair tool bulk buy is the answer. Pitchfix divot tools can be customized with brand colors and logo, and because they are such quality golf tools, they give a positive impression to clients. See divot repair tool bulk buy at Pitchfix!