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A useful item that every golfer should have in their kit is a golf divot tool. It is used by golfers and greenkeepers to keep the grass on the course in a healthy condition. As people play golf, damage can occur to the grass and soil as golfers scrape the turf as the walk, or with their golf clubs as they swing too close to the ground. This can leave scuffs, or divots, in the grass. This is where the divot tool comes in handy. A divot tool has metal prongs, rather like a fork, and it is used to help repair the marks in the turf. The prongs are inserted into the soil around the outside edges of the divot, then the sides are carefully pushed back together until they meet.

This technique is so that the damage can be fixed without affecting the root structure of the grass, saving the need for future repairs. All good golfers should carry a golf divot tool in their kit, so as they walk the course they can repair any divots they see. This helps to keep the course in good condition for everyone. The good thing about a divot tool is that it is small enough to easily put in a pocket or on a key ring. It also makes a great gift idea, as divot tools are inexpensive compared with other golfing gifts. When the divot tool is not being used, the prongs fold back into the casing. There is room on the casing to have a divot tool personalized, either with a message, joke or icon, or even a logo. This makes the divot tool great for a business to give out as a gift to potential clients and customers, and it is a gift that anyone who enjoys golf would appreciate receiving