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There is much golf equipment online, and the benefit is that you can shop around for discounts. There are plenty of online stores that sell a wide amount of golfing goods, anything from new clubs and sports clothing, to thing that help improve your game and novelty golf gifts.

A divot tool is something that golfers should have with them as they play. They are used to repair the damage made to the grass caused when golfers swing their clubs too close to the ground, or when golf balls land on the putting greens. This damage must be repaired to keep the grass in god condition. Marks in the grass also make putting frustrating. A divot tool has two prong that are inserted into a mark, at the outside edges. The technique is to carefully lift the grass to level a dent, or bring the edges to the middle to close a gap. The problem with this is that not everyone knows how to do it, and this can lead to even more repairs. Pitchfix have a new divot tool, and it has solved the problem. The Fusion divot tool has three pins, and they are pushed in and out of a divot a few times and that is all that is needed to repair it. The action lifts the grass without affecting the roots.

A Fusion divot tool is a good gift idea, and something that any golfer would enjoy. It comes is a selection of color options, and it can also be personalized with a message, brand or logo. Looking golf equipment online can sometimes be tricky as there is so much choice. If you want to try a new tool, or want to give someone a gift that will be appreciated, a Fusion divot tool is a good option.