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A useful piece of equipment on the golf course is a golf fork. It is also called a divot tool and it is used to fix the minor repair work to the grass that is often required. Damage to the grass on the golf course is usually caused when golfers swing their clubs and scrape the turf, or when golf balls land on the putting green it can leave a small dent marks on the grass. The marks, or divots, must be repaired using a golf fork so that no further damage is caused and to keep the course enjoyable to play.

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It can often be frustrating for golfers to set their putting line, take their shot and see the golf ball go off in another direction because of a divot. This is why it is recommended that all golfers have a divot tool with them as they play, so they can repair the marks they notice on the course. A golf fork has two prongs that are used to push the edges of the divot back together, and this technique ensures that the divot is repaired without causing further damage to the structure of the grass roots. When not in use, the prongs fold back into the casing and this is where it can be personalized with text or even a brand or logo. A golf fork, or divot tool, is a lightweight tool that can easily be put on a key ring or pocket. It is a great gift idea for any golf player, and it has the benefit of being inexpensive compared to other golf gifts available. This useful tool is an important piece of any golfer’s or green keeper’s equipment, and a useful gift that is sure to be appreciated by everyone on the golf course.