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There is a large amount of fun golf gadgets available to buy that any golf player would be happy to receive. The usual golf gadgets include things such as novelty items, practise nets and themed umbrellas, but for a truly great gift, how about something that will useful out on the golf course? A golf divot tool is a golfing gadget that is used to keep the grass on the course in good condition, and it is something that all golfers are encouraged to carry with them as they play. There is often marks and scrapes made in the turf that is caused when golfers swing their clubs too close to the ground or when golf balls land on the putting green. Any dents in the putting green can affect how the ball rolls, so it is important that and damage is repaired.

Divot repair can be hard work, especially for greenkeepers who may have to make many repairs a day. Bending and kneeling down on the grass can strain the muscles and joints, and the damage can worsen over time. If you fine divot repair a pain, you need a Greenkeeper Pro divot tool. It has a long handle that means divots can be fixed as you stand, with just a twist of the handle! It has interchangeable heads that can be used for wet and dry soils, as well as for clays, loam and sands. This tool is not just for professional greenkeepers. Why not have Greenkeeper Pros placed at the green edged for players to use too?

The golf divot tool has two prongs that are used to push the outside edges of the mark back towards that center, until the gap is closed. This is the recommended technique to use, so that is does not cause any damage to the root structure of the grass, keeping it healthy. What makes the divot tool one of the great golf gadgets is that it can be personalized with a special message, funny one-liner or smiley. It can even have a brand or logo, making it ideal to give out as gifts at business events, such as golfing days. A golf divot tool is small enough to be carried in a pocket or on a key ring, and it is not expensive compared to most golf gadgets. Its usefulness on the course means that it is a gift that will be appreciated by golfers, and with more golfers repairing the grass, it keeps the greenkeepers happy too.

For great promo gifts, you need something that is good quality as well as something that has the wow factor. Our golf gadgets are prized for their quality, and we offer golf gadgets branding so you can have your business logo displayed. Not only are you getting top quality, branded golf divot tool and ball markers, but we can extend the branding to the packaging too. Each promo gift is neatly presented in individual gift boxes and ready to give to clients. Use them at networking days to remind people of your business. Ready to talk more about golf gadgets branding? Call out team today!

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, then marketing efforts are a must. One good way to get your business noticed if with a cool promotional gift. At Pitchfix, we offer personalized golf gifts branding on our golf divot tools and ball markers. This means that you can have your brand logo, motto or tagline displayed. We are known for our quality golf tools, and now your business can share in that prestige. Each gift comes ready to hand out in neat gift packaging. Call us today to see how personalized golf gifts branding can help your business grow!