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Golf gift baskets are a great promotional gift for businesses to give out to clients and customers, or are also good to give out a prizes at golfing event. If you want a present for a golfer, a basket with a selection of gifts is sure to be appreciated! One item that you can add to golf gift baskets is a divot tool.

The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool is not like any other. Any professional greenkeeper will know the aches and pains that come with repeated bending to fix divot in the grass, but we have found a solution. The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool comes with a long, lightweight handle. Not only is it easy to carry around the golf course, but the handle means that divot repair can be done while standing. It comes with interchangeable heads to make light work of divot repair in any soil type. Don’t just take our word for it. Try the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool today!

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Choosing the right promotional gift for your business can be a challenge. It needs to be something that is good quality, small enough to store in volumes, and not too expensive. At Pitchfix, we offer golf gadgets branding on our range of golf accessories. So whether it is ball markers or divot tools, your logo can be proudly displayed. Good promotional gifts are things that people will be happy to own, and out golf accessories are some of the best on the market. Each golf comes individually presented and ready to hand out. Ideal for networking days or team events, golf gadgets branding is a winner!

Divot tools are used by golfers to repair the dents in the grass on the putting green. Dents can make putting hard work, because as soon as a golf ball rolls over a den, it will not go where it is aimed. Before taking a putt, golfers usually survey the grass and repair any dents they see. Traditional styles of dicot tool have two pins, and there is a technique to repairing divots with them. The pins are inserted into the grass at the edge of a dent, and the pins are used to lever the grass to a level position. When done correctly, this works well. Most golfers either rush the job, or don’t know the right technique, and this means poor repair work.

The three pin divot tools by Pitchfix have solved the problem, and now anyone can make a good repair just by poking the pins in and out a few times. This design has changed how divot repair works, and Pitchfix tools are sought after golf items. What makes Pitchfix tool really good is that they are in a range of colors, can be personalized with a message, or have a brand displayed.

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Aquabrush is a new design of club brush that is both a scrub and a spray in one. When out on the golf course it is important to keep your golf club heads clean. If there is dirt of debris stuck on, it can affect the accuracy of your shot. Aquabrush as an inner reservoir that can be filled with water, ready to be released as a fine spray when pumped. The brush heads are hard-wearing, but they can also be easily replaced when they do eventually wear out. Aquabrush comes in four cool colors, and is a great golf gift for any keen player. Get your Aquabrush now!


PickCup is a clever gadget that helps keep the holes on the putting green in good condition., It is a ball retrieval system that attaches to the base of the flagstick, creating a platform that catches a golf ball once holed. For players to get their ball out, they simply lift the flagstick. His stops them from bending down, which is easier on the back, but is also means that the edge of the holes do not become damaged by players reaching in. Fully conforming with the Rules of Golf, PickCup can be used during competitions. Keep your greens looking good effortlessly with PickCup!

PickCup Promo

If you are looking for fresh ways to reach your target market, PickCup Promo is the answer! This clever system makes it easy for players to retrieve their golf balls once holed. It is a gadget the fixes to the base of the flagstick, creating a tray that catches the ball. Instead of reaching inside the hole with a hand or a putter, which can damage the edges of the hole and grass, the flagstick is lifted and the ball comes out too. The PickCup tray is an area that gets seen by players, so it the perfect place to put your brand logo. Sponsor a hole, or an entire event, it’s up to you! Try PickCup Promo today!

If you have been trying to find a good promotional gift, you’re in luck! We offer personalized golf gifts branding across our range of divot tools and ball markers, so you can have you brand logo displayed, or personalized a golf accessory with a motto or tag line. Our golf tools are known for their quality, and any golf enthusiast would be delighted to receive one. Each gift comes presented in a neat box, ready to hand out to clients or to business friends. Having a good promo gift attracts new customers to your business and helps build brand awareness, so call us today to discuss your branding ideas.

If you are making golf gift baskets, either to give as a gift to someone you know or to give as a promotional gift for a business, a divot tool by Pitchfix is something that all golfers would be happy to have on the putting greens!

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Hybrid 2.0

Do you enjoy experimenting with new golf gadgets? Divot tools are an important piece of kit for any golfer who wants to keep their putts smooth. The Hybrid 2.0 is a clever divot tool that has even more benefits. With its rubberized handles and 17 colour options, this switchblade divot tool is both eye-catching and practical. It has a removable ball marker and an integrated pencil sharpener, allowing you to mark the spot on the green if you need to pick up your ball, and keep your scorecard tidy. The ball marker can also be personalised with a brand logo, making it an excellent promo item. If you want this ground-breaking golf gadget for yourself, or for a friend, make your purchase today!

Fusion 2.5

If you're looking for a creative golf gift, or if you are a fan of golf gadgets, the Fusion 2.5 divot tool is the answer! It not only levels out the divots in the putting green, so you have a smooth path to the flag, but it also upholds the soil structure and keeps the grass roots healthy. With 14 colour options, you can find the perfect gift for any player. The detachable ball marker can be branded with a company logo, making it an ideal advertising piece for businesses to give to clients or customers. For a fantastic golf gadget that is a sure winner, choose the Fusion 2.5!

Multimarker chip

The Multimarker Chip is a multifunctional golf gadget that any golfer will appreciate using on the course. It not only serves as a ball marker, but also as a putting alignment aid. The numbers one through four can be used as a tee toss to determine a fair playing order for foursomes and larger groups. The Multimarker Chip can be personalised with a logo, making it an ideal promo gift for any company hoping to engage the golfing community. The chip can be bought separately or as part of a tool set, and it comes in a variety of colours, allowing you to create the ideal golf gift. Purchase your Multimarker Chip today!