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A golf gift set is a great choice when trying to decide on a golf themed gift to buy. Anyone who enjoys golf will appreciate a golf gift set. The set has a golf divot tool together with two hat clip ball markers, all things that are very useful on the golf course. Divot tools are used to repair the damage that is made to the grass, often caused when golfers swing their clubs too close to the ground or when the golf balls land on the putting green and affect the even surface. The hat clip markers that are included as part of the golf gift set are so that players can mark the position of their golf ball so that it can then be picked up so it is not in the way of other players.

This is useful on the putting green when there could be several players taking a putt. The golf ball can then easily be put back in its original position. Hat clip markers and divot tools are useful pieces of golfing kit, and all golfers are encouraged to at least carry a divot tool with them. This is so that they repair any damage they see as they walk the course, helping to keep the grass in good playing condition.

The divot tool has two prongs that are used to push the grass around the edges of the divot back towards the center, and this is the recommended technique to use so that the mark can be fixed without damaging the root structure of the grass. As a gift idea, a golf gift set is ideal. There is also the option to personalize it with a message, funny one liner or smiley. Or, you could have a logo or brand on it, so it is a good idea for corporate gifts. This golf gift set is presented in a sleek carbon gift box.

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