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If you want to have a great golf gift for tournament goody bags or if you want a useful golfing gadget to give to golf players at an event, there are many golf themes items available. The usual gift ideas are the novelty items or ball markers, but the greatest golf tournament gifts are the things that golf player can actually use as they play the course. Golf divot tools are the ideal golf tournament gifts. They are lightweight and small in sizes, so easy to carry around the golf course. Plus, they are inexpensive compared with other golf tournament gifts.

The Greenkeeper Pro is a tool that helps take the hard work out of divot repair. To fix divots and brown spots in the grass, it usually means bending down to reach it. When you are a professional greenkeeper of course marshal, you may have to make many repairs in a day, and this can put a strain on the spine and muscles. That is when you need a Greenkeeper Pro! The long handle means that divot repair can be done while standing, with a simple twist. Different soil conditions to contend with? No problem. The interchangeable heads work with heavy, light, wet and dry soils. Try the Greenkeeper Pro today!

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Golf gadgets branding is a great idea for a promotional gift. Our golf tools are designed to last. They are top quality items that any sports fan would be happy to receive. Now, with your business, charity or team logo displayed, it makes for an eye-catching gift that gets noticed. All of our golf gifts come neatly presented in gift tins and boxes, so all you have to do is hand them to clients. The make the ideal token for networking events, and are also great prizes if you hold a promotional competition. Golf gadgets branding by Pitchfix works, so call today!

The golf divot tool is used to fix the damage made to the grass on the golf course, often cause by golfers contacting the grass with their clubs or by the golf balls landing on the putting green. The tool has two prongs that are used to gently push the sides of the mark back together, closing the gap. This is the recommended technique so that the root structure of the grass is not damaged and the turf can fully repair. A good thing about the divot tool is that it can be personalized with a message or a brand or logo, so it is an ideal way to promote a company giving the golf tournament gifts. Golf divot tools are something that all golfers are encouraged to carry with them on the course so they can fix any damage they see, so it makes sense that divot tools are borrowed by other players. Lots of people on the golf course will see your company logo and want to know more about your business. For golf tournament gifts that players really appreciate receiving, a golf divot tool is a great option and a fantastic way of promoting your business that really works.

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Personalized golf gifts branding is a great way to get your business to stand out. Promotional gifts are an effective way to market your business, but it is essential to get the right sort of gift. The gift you choose should reflect your business so quality is a must. Our golf tools are well-known for their design and durability, and we now offer branding across our range of golf divot tools and ball markers. You brand logo or tagline can be displayed, giving you a personalized golf gift that you can give to clients, or to use at networking days. Call our team today to discuss personalized golf gifts branding.

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Getting rid of dirt and debris from your golf club heads is essential if you want to take accurate shots, yet it is often something that gets overlooked. With Aquabrush, you can keep your clubs clean while out on the course. The inner reservoir is filled with water, giving you a handy sized club brush and spray in one. Great for removing those tough, stuck on pieces of grass and dirt, Aquabrush is a hard-wearing club brush that will stand the test of time. Available in four colors, this golf gadget will look smart clipped to any golf bag. Why not try Aquabrush today?


PickCup is a ball retrieval system that makes it easier to keep the holes on the putting green in good condition. It is a cup-shaped platform that attaches to the base of the flagstick and collects a golf ball once it has been holed. To retrieve their ball, a player simply lifts the flagstick and the ball can be tipped out. The soft, rubberized edge of PickCup mean that the edges of the hole stay intact, unlike when players reach in or use their putters to get the ball out. PickCup can also be used during competitions, as it complies with the Rules of Golf. Get PickCup for your course today!

PickCup Promo

Do you want your brand visible on the golf course? Try PickCup Promo! PickCup is a ball retrieval system that everyone is talking about, maybe because it is the only legal device that can be left in place during official competitions. It sits inside the hole, fixed to the base of the flagstick, and collects golf balls once holed. When a player lifts the flagstick to retrieve their ball, the tray of PickCup is revealed. This is a great place to put your business brand message. With PickCup Promo, you can sponsor a single hole, or even a whole event. Get your message seen by golfers with PickCup Promo!

Hybrid 2.0

The Hybrid 2.0 is a must have item for any golfer. This switchblade divot tool is made of two aluminium plates, so it is lightweight, and it has ABS rubberized grips for security in the hand. There I removable ball marker and an incorporated pencil sharpener allows you to mark your ball on the putting green, and keep your scorecard accurate. This inventive gadget not only keeps the putting green in good shape, but it also makes a fantastic gift for any player, particularly since it comes in 17 different colour shades! The ball marker can also be customised with a logo, making it an ideal marketing gift for any company. Purchase your Hybrid 2.0 golf divot tool right away!

Fusion 2.5

The Fusion 2.5 golf tool combines a divot repair tool, a magnetic ball marker, and a pencil sharpener. All of these functionalities are valuable for golfers on the course, and what makes the Fusion 2.5 even better is how simple it is to use. The soft rubber coating on the handle provides a strong, all-weather grip, and the RepairTecTM pins repair divots quickly while protecting the grass roots from damage and reducing the likelihood of brown patches. Any golfer would be delighted to receive a Fusion 2.5 as a gift, and it can also be personalised for use as a promotional item for businesses. If you like the best golf gadgets, order your Fusion 2.5 divot tool now!

Multimarker Chips

When searching for the best golf gift ideas, you may see plenty of gadgets and gizmos. However, the benefits of the Multimarker Chip make getting the best gift easy! This remarkable poker-style chip serves as a ball marker, putting alignment tool, and tee toss to establish player order. Any golfer would love using the Multimarker Chip on the course, and with 10 different colour shades to choose from, you're able to get the best chip for you or a golfing companion. If you're a business looking for a promotional piece to increase your brand awareness, the Multimarker Chip's cap can be modified with your company's color schemes or logo. Choose your Multimarker Chip today!