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Quality divot tools are what any golfer prefer, as quality tools always last longer and do a better job. Divot tools are used to keep the grass on the golf course in good condition, particularly on the putting greens. Dents and scuffs are made to the grass when golfers contact it with their clubs or if golf balls land heavily. Dents on the smooth surface of a putting green make play frustrating because if a ball rolls over a divot, it will not go where it is aimed. If golfers repair any marks they see using quality divot tools, it means their ball will roll smoothly and it also keeps the green in good condition for others.

Traditional styles of divot tool have two prongs, and these are inserted into the grass at the outside edges of a mark. The grass is them carefully lifted back into place, or the sides are stretched to cover a gap. The right technique must be used, otherwise damage could be caused to the grass roots. Not all golfers know how to use the right technique, and that is a problem. But now, a solution has been found, thanks to the quality divot tool range by Pitchfix. Their divot tools have three pins, and there is no technique to learn. To repair a mark, the pins are popped in and out of the dent a few times, and this lifts the grass without affecting the roots. Pitchfix quality divot tools have won the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award, and are now some of the most wanted divot tools around.

Pitchfix divot tools come in a choice of colors and they can be personalized with a message, icon or have a brand or logo displayed. If you’re looking for a fabulous golf gift, or just like to try the best tech for yourself, see the quality divot tools by Pitchfix!