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A golf divot tool is a great piece of golfing equipment, but a spider divot tool is even better at keeping the grass on the golf course in good condition. When golfers play, they often scrape the ground with their golf clubs, and this causes divots or other damage to the grass. Divot tools are used to repair this damage, and traditional divot tools have two prongs that are used to push the turf back together, until the gap is closed. The innovative design of the spider divot tool makes repairing divot easy. It has four prongs that are in a circular shape, making it look similar to a spider.

If you are looking for a useful tool to take the work out of divot repair, the Greenkeeper Pro is the tool for you. It repairs the brown marks and divots left in the grass with ease, making it the perfect tool for greenkeepers and course marshals. The long handle means no more bending down to fix marks, and the lightweight shaft makes it easy to carry. Sometimes, different soil condition means you need different divot tools, but not so with the Greenkeeper Pro. The interchangeable heads make easy work of divot repair in any soil type. For professional results, choose Greenkeeper Pro!

The Greenkeeper Pro is a professional divot tool that takes the work out of fixing divots and brown spots in the grass. It has patented RepairtechTM pins that repairs the grass and aerates the soil, making dicot repair a breeze on wet or dry ground. For professional greenkeepers and course marshals, bending down to fix divots can be a strain on the back, but not with this divot tool. The long, lightweight handle means that divots can be repaired while standing. Courses can also keep Greenkeeper Pro divot tools at the edges of greens, so that members can benefit from them too.

With the usual design of divot tool, there is a technique to fixing the damage to the grass, and if the tool is used incorrectly, further damage can occur that can take a long time to fix. The good thing about the spider divot tool is that there is no technique to learn, and anyone can repair a divot. The prongs of the spider divot tool are inserted into the mark in the grass, and then a lifting and twisting motion repairs it. It is as easy as that! With the traditional divot tool, there is often a lot of pushing and pulling the grass back into position, but with the spider divot tool it is done on one easy move, and it is a repair that will not require further attention. A spider divot tool is a great gift idea. It is lightweight, so easy to carry around in a pocket, and it is something that any golfer will enjoy using on the golf course. It can also be personalized with a message or logo. The spider divot tool makes repairing divots easy, keeping golfers and green keepers happy!

Good promotional gifts are ones that support the growth of your business by attracting new customers. To do this well, promotional gifts should be excellent quality as well as something that people will actually find useful. Our golf accessory branding is the ideal gift, and is great to give out at networking or team days out. You can have your business logo and colors displayed on our range of golf divot tools and ball markers, and as Pitchfix tools are known for their innovation, they are sure to please anyone who receives one. Call now to discuss your branding further.

Getting the branding right for your business logo golf accessories is important, as the promotional gift you are giving represents your business. Pitchfix are well known for quality design, and that is something that you want associating with your brand. Our range of divot tools and ball markers can be fully customized to show your business logo, giving you a promo gift that is going to impress. They even come in a neat presentation gift tin! Branded golf accessories are gifts that any golf player would be happy to receive, and they are ideal for networking events such as golf days. Call us no to talk more about your branding requirements.

Promotional golf gifts that display your business logo are always a good idea, but did you know that you can have the packaging branded too? Our range of golf accessories comes with super stylish packaging that shouts quality, and with your business logo displayed, you can enjoy that same association. Golf tools and accessories are great promotional items for team days and networking events, and are quality items that any player would be thrilled to receive. We have different packaging options for our ball markers and divot tools, such as gift boxes and presentation tins. Find out more about gift packaging branding by calling out team today.

If you are having our golf tools customized with your brand logo, then you might consider having the gift packaging branded also. Getting the first impression right is important for businesses that want to impress, and to do so it requires some clever marketing. Branded golf accessories are good to give out at networking events, and that are nicely presented in a range of gift packaging. Having your business logo displayed on the packaging creates a complete journey for your client, and shows you’re a business where quality matters from start to finish. Call us today to discuss your gift packaging branding.

Keeping golf club heads clean can really make a difference to the accuracy and power of your shot, yet it is something that’s often overlooked. That’s why Aquabrush is the latest golf accessory that everyone wants to use! Aquabrush is a handheld brush with integrated water sprayer, so you can soak and scrub you golf club head clean as you enjoy your game. Simple fill the reservoir before you begin, squeeze to spray and scrub with the brush. Aquabrush is a fast way to keep you golf clubs clean, and the brush heads can be replaced when worn out. This hand golf gadget makes a great gift idea, and comes in four vibrant colors. See the range at Pitchfix.

PickCup is a neat gadget that attaches to the base of the flagstick and sits within the hole. When a golfer makes their putt, the golf ball is easy to retrieve simply by lifting the flag. The benefits of this is that no damage is caused to the edges of the holes, and it mean less bending down for players. The design also means less damage to the green if the flag is laid down. PickCup conforms to the Rules of Golf, so they can stay in place during competitions. For the best care of your putting green, choose PickCup.

PickCup Promo is a great way to get your brand noticed by players on the golf course. PickCup fixes to the base of the flagstick and collects the ball once holed. This area can be customized with your business logo, showcasing your brand to anyone who lifts the flagstick to retrieve their ball. Use PickCup Promo to promote your club, advertise pro club services, offer sponsorship of holes to other businesses, or promote proper course etiquette. Not only that, but PickCup helps keep greens in good condition by protecting the edges of the hole. Get promoting with PickCup Promo today!

Hybrid 2.0

The Hybrid 2.0 is a lightweight switchblade divot tool made of two aluminium sheets and equipped with ABS rubberized grips, making it secure and comfortable in the hand. It comes with a detachable ball marker, as well as an integrated pencil sharpener, making it yet another outstanding divot tool design. This ingenious gadget not only keeps the putting green in good shape and golfers on target, but it also makes a terrific gift idea. With 17 different colour shades, there is lots of choice! The removable ball marker may also be personalized with a logo, making it an excellent promotional item for any business. Check out the Hybrid 2.0 right now!

Fusion 2.5

If you like to try out new golf gadgets, you’re in luck! The Fusion 2.5 divot tool is capable of far more than simply repairing divots on the putting green. The steel prongs are constructed with ReparirTecTM technology, which creates a healthy soil structure and reduces impact on grass roots in addition to levelling the turf's surface. The Fusion 2.5 is easy to use thanks to the rubberized handles, which provide a comfortable but firm grip. It also has a magnetic ball marker and an integrated pencil sharpener to help you keep a clear track of your scores. There are 14 different colors to pick from, as well as customization choices, so it is also ideal as a promotional gift. Get the Fusion 2.5 divot tool right now!

Multimarker chip

Introducing the Multimarker Chip by Pitchfix! This clever golf gadget looks like a poker chip, but it holds your ball marker so it is ready to use on the course. Not only that, flip the Multimarker Chip over and you have a putting alignment tool. Need a tee toss? The numbers one to four on the Multimarker Chip make it easy to sort out the order of play fairly for numerous players. A great gift for any golfer, this tool is sure to please. It can also be a promotional gift too, thanks to the customizable cap! Try the Multimarker Chip today!