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There is a lot of top golf equipment in stores, and if you are looking for gift ideas, there is a lot to consider. Gifts to do with golf are not always things that are used for the game, like novelty items. If you want to give a golfer some top golf equipment, rather than a gift that will be forgotten, give them something that will be appreciated. A divot tool is something that all golfers should have. It is used to repair the damaged grass on the course, caused by golfers swinging their clubs too close to the turf, or when golf balls land on the putting greens. Dents in the putting green can make putting frustrating, so golfers repair the marks they see so they do not affect the shot.

Divot tools have two prongs that are inserted in the ground at the outside edges of a divot. The technique is to carefully bring the sides together to close a gap, or lift it to level a dent. The problem is that not everyone knows how to do the right technique, and this can cause more repair work. There is some top golf equipment that has brought a solution to this problem, a new divot tool called Fusion. It has three pins, and there is no technique to use. To repair a divot, the pins are pressed in and out of the mark a few times, and the action lifts the turf without affecting the grass roots.

A Fusion tool is a good gift idea for golfers who enjoy top golf equipment. It comes in lots of color options, and there is also the option to have it personalized with a message or logo. Anyone who enjoys playing golf likes to keep the grass in good condition, and would be happy to have a Fusion golf tool!